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Valentine's Collection

A collection made with love using precious stones and inspired by the beautiful, powerful and unique language of flowers which express feelings that words can not describe.

Arabian Collection

Our Arabian Collection is characterized by a classy touch, portrayed through its fabulous designs and efficiency of Arabic engravings. 

silver bracelet
silver bracelet

Boho Collection

Our astonishing Boho Collection features both simple and daring pieces of silver jewelry, so choose what perfectly reflects your unique self, wear it with confidence and be the queen of elegance.

Zircon Collection

Our Zircon Collection gathers varying designs with glowing details that will definitely fascinate you; an elegant lady like you deserves such a charming addition.

Treat Yourself With Elegance

Our Values


Brix Silver Jewelry Store focuses  on creating stylish and trendy sterling silver jewellery to add delicate and elegant touches for complementing your marvellous look and strongly expressing your personality.


We build your confidence by providing a world-class service that you deserve on top of the finest-quality products professionally made of 925 Sterling Silver to win you as a life time customer. 


Your happiness is our priority. This is why you will see the whole journey of surfing our catalogues, choosing, ordering, receiving and wearing our products just memorable moments of pleasure.