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Our Story

Because we understand that you need to be treated as elegant as the jewellery you love, BRIX-Silver offers women across Emirates 925 sterling silver pieces that flow seamlessly from our designers right to your doorstep allowing you to feel the pleasure in every step of the process.

Our rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and sets are all created internally, starting with delicate designs by our own in-house team, passing through several quality checkpoints, and ending with world-class customer service provided well after the purchase. BRIX Silver prides itself on Elegance – from product to experience.

In addition to “Elegance”, “Pleasure” and “Trust” are our other core values; no more worrying about the quality and delivery of your jewellery pieces. With BRIX Silver, satisfaction is guaranteed – that is our promise to you.


Distinguishing ourselves as the go-to jewellery brand for affordable yet high-quality jewellery in the Middle East.


More than an online store, we are dedicated to the creation of inimitable jewellery that is as full of personality as its wearer, accompanying our beloved customers in moments of happiness and celebration to earn their trust by complementing our meticulously crafted pieces with supreme customer service.